Funktionstest Automotive

Automotive Testers

With decades of expertise in automotive applications, Alfamation has both the products and system solutions to meet your test needs.

We deliver complete automatic test equipment and turnkey test and measurement solutions that follow our customers from the earliest stages of requirement definition to complete systems integration.

As part of our innovative test system development, we are ready to provide solutions for highly reliable automotive functional testers in the following areas:

  • Automotive engine control units (ECU)
  • Automatic gearbox controllers
  • ABS controllers
  • Body controllers
  • Radio and infotainment systems
  • Instrument clusters and HVAC dashboards


DashTest C - Compact End-of-Line Instrument Cluster Test

With DashTest C, Alfamation brings its engineering passion, domain experience and creativity to a new level.. This product is an off-the-shelf compact and comprehensive end-of-line tester ,designed for inspection and calibration of automotive instrument clusters, including electromechanical pointers as well as full digital displays such as LCD and VFD dashboards, HVAC control panels, radio& telematics front panels.

DashTest C is a very high performance and reliable tester offering powerful data processing technology, highly sophisticated imaging tools, analog and digital measurement resource implementation, data communication buses, and interactive test libraries

Functions and Applications

  • Automatic gauges, analog inputs and clock calibration
  • Display missing pixels, segments and telltales inspection
  • Stand-by current reading micro-ammeter
  • Cluster digital and analog I/O functional test
  • Loudspeaker and buzzer audio test
  • Built-in multi-protocol automotive data comm (CAN, LIN, K-line, etc.), SPI and I2C
  • Switch matrix-based measurement resources routing

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