Funktionstest Multimedia

Multimedia Testers

For 20 years, Alfamation has delivered a wide range of functional test solutions to the electronics industry. We develop complete automatic test equipment and turnkey test and measurement solutions that follow our customers from the earliest stages of requirement definition to complete systems integration.

Alfamation’s family of high-performance functional testers provides the productivity and reliability demanded by global manufacturers. Our systems use an open and flexible architecture featuring exceptional repeatability, stability, and speed while maintaining ease of use.

Our offerings for multimedia testing include the following application areas:

  • Infotainment systems
  • Telematics
  • Set-top boxes
  • HDTV for consumer and automotive markets

High-Speed Video Test Instruments - FlexMedia V-Serie

As flat screen display technology has evolved to high-definition and 3D TV, engineers must test increasingly complex devices with high-resolution, deep colors and higher frame rates. With the new V-Series family of PXI/PXIe video test instruments, engineers can perform tests at extremely fast rates on 3D and high-definition TVs and computer monitor mainboards.


  • A flexible approach for bit error rate test, pixel error rate test, and synch timing analysis
  • Extremely fast real-time processing
  • Multiple UUT parallel processing
  • Single-slot PXI/PXIe solutions save costs and space
  • NI LabVIEW libraries for ease of integration

Infotainment Test Instruments - FlexMedia A-Series

Alfamation has engineered a new approach to automotive infotainment test with a range of products for LVDS video, analog video, digital audio, and automotive communication interface test. Using industry-standard LabVIEW development systems and PXI/PXIe hardware, Flexmedia A-Series solutions are designed to reduce system cost and space without compromising performance and signal integrity


  • Lower cost approach for LVDS and analog video, digital audio, and communications bus test
  • Single PXI slot solution reduces space and costs
  • Provides multiple and parallel tests with a single instrument
  • Saves execution and integration time
  • NI LabVIEW API support

RF and Wireless Test Instruments - Software-Defined Radio Test Solutions

As RF and wireless technology is continually changing, a software-defined approach ensures Alfamation's test software supports evolutions, deviations, and combinations of emerging market radio standards. Alfamation offers test toolkits for the following RF and Wireless applications:

  • NAVRADIO-DP: LabVIEW-based toolkit for RF test
  • GPS Toolkit: Multi-satellite GPS simulator format converter for the National Instruments GPS Toolkit
  • RDS Toolkit: LabVIEW-based toolkit for AM/FM and RDS radio receivers test
  • DAB Toolkit: Performance verification of radio receivers

Our RF and wireless test solutions:

  • Offer a flexible approach for testing RF, GPS, AM/FM, RDS and radio receivers
  • Make test integration extremely flexible and open
  • Provide high execution speed
  • Make portable solutions easy

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